Creationist arguments against radiometric dating

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An isochron diagram is obtained by looking at many minerals from the same rock or from rocks forming from the same parent mineral.

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These claims generally land in three different categories: (1) radiometric dating assumes that initial conditions (concentrations of mother and daughter nuclei) are known, (2) radiometric dating assumes that rocks are closed systems and (3) radiometric dating assumes that decay rates are constant.If the samples have been undisturbed closed systems since formation, the data will fall on the same line (the isochron from which the diagram is named).The slope of this line is a function of the age of the rock. The reason scientists normalize with another stable isotope of the same element as the daughter is because most chemical or physical processes that occurs normally in nature does not differentiate between different isotopes of the same element when the difference in mass is as small as it is between isotopes of the same element that is used in radiometric dating.Surely, if some daughter nuclei left the rock or parent nuclei entered the rock, the dates would come out all wrong! Follow Debunking Denialism on Facebook or Twitter for new updates.While this is technically true, there are several mini-industries dedicated developing methods and techniques to make sure that there is no contamination and check to see if the rocks where disturbed between forming and being tested by scientists. On of the great things about many forms of radiometric dating is that they are self-checking.

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