Cross reference in word not updating

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You probably know in general what a cross-reference is.

Whenever you write, see page 15 or in Chapter 5 or in the Further Developments section, you are using a cross-reference.

If you check this box, your cross-reference will be hyperlinked to the referenced item, and anyone who is reading your document electronically (as opposed to printout on paper) will be able to click (or Ctrl click) on it and go to the referenced item.

There is no reason not to choose this option since the cross-reference will not be formatted as a hyperlink (blue and underlined).

The field switch tells Word something about how to present the value that results from the field.

The date-time picture switch quoted above tells Word to present the date as, say, September 18, 2009 instead of 9/18/09 or 18 September 2009 or any other date format (see my article on date fields for more).

For example, in a DATE field, you might see something like \@ "MMMM d, yyyy".

In many Word fields you will also see \* MERGEFORMAT.

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In most cases, these include the bookmarked text itself and the number of the page on which it appears, along with the paragraph number if the paragraph is numbered.First, however, it will explain what a cross-reference is and how to insert one.If you already know all that, you can jump immediately to the section that interests you.In all versions of Word, you insert a cross-reference using the Cross-reference dialog.How you get there depends on the version: Figure 1.

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