D39link router validating identity

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a fost testata functionarea wirelesului din eepc si in alte wlanuri?

Detalierea e simpla, orice ftp server am instalat nu-l pot accesa din afara, si ce e mai trist sambata mi-am luat un synology ds110j deh ceva banuti da sa zicem ca merita avand in vedere ca ma interesa downloadu la consum redus de energie in mod special si ce crezi: surpriza tot nu pot accesa serverul wlan desi in lan totul e ok.

As mentioned above - you've configured your network with 802.1X authentication, either choosing 802.1X or WPA/WPA2-Enterprise.

If so - you need to connect to a radius server (or similar) that authenticates you.

Make sure the service is "Started" and its Startup Type is "Automatic".

Now go into the Network Connections folder ("Start Run", type NCPA.

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