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Nader finally came out of the closet in 1986, a year after Rock Hudson’s death from AIDS.

Nader and Miller collaborated on a second novel, The Perils of Paul, which Nader didn't want published until after his death.

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These two gay men with stunning physiques and charisma to spare were about to be involved in a Hollywood studio intrigue that left only one man standing.

Nader and Miller became lovers and remained partners for 55 years, and Miller, Hudson and Nader became so close that Nader was included in Rock Hudson’s will, receiving the interest from his estate. Miller had intended to study opera in NYC but abandoned his plans to stay in California to help Nader launch his career.

Miller took odd jobs to provide income while Nader established himself as an actor.

It also has the dubious distinction of being named one of the worst movies of all time.

In 1954 Nader won a Golden Globe award as Most Promising Male Newcomer of the year, but the Confidential gossip magazine incident in the early 1960s brought a premature close to his Hollywood career.

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