Dating after breakup hard

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Tyra Banks has tackled every professional challenge that has come her way.

From being a Victoria’s Secret model to creating and producing America’s Next Top Model to hosting America’s Got Talent, and everything in between, she has succeeded again and again.

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20 online issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Especially likely to predict doom-and-gloom were those who had reported being greatly in love with their partner, those who didn’t initiate the split, and those who said they wouldn't be likely to start a new relationship soon if the current one ended.

"People who were more in love with their partner were indeed a little more distressed after the breakup," says Finkel.

"But they dramatically overestimated how distressed they would be [later]." After the initial distress over the breakup, most felt better pretty quickly, the researchers say.

“Our first assessment was approximately one week after the breakup,’’ Finkel says, “and the forecasting error [that they would feel distressed] was already apparent that soon after the breakup.” “Participants were basically back to ‘normal’ -- their pre-breakup level of happiness -- at about the two-month mark,” Eastwick tells Web MD.

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