Dating after cancer diagnosis

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That’s why you might not be able to spot this type of melanoma the way you might a freckle or unusual mole on your skin.

However, people may spot warning signs of the cancer as it grows.

“But what we see is there’s a good portion for patients who may recur with disease notably in their liver at some point down the line.” According to research from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, half of all people with OM ultimately develop metastatic cancer and find new lesions in their body outside of the eye.

Indeed, Mc Williams found new cancerous spots on his liver, a year and a half after his first diagnosis.

Symptoms of OM include blurry or distorted vision, a blind spot in your vision, seeing “flashing” lights, or a dark spot in your field of vision.

Takami Sato, director of the metastatic uveal melanoma program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, both in Philadelphia.

Most eye melanomas develop in a part of the eye you can’t see.

The early stages of the cancer rarely cause any signs or symptoms.

Certainly if we have patients who know each other or who lived and grew up in the same town, that has been kind of a red flag for us in trying to figure out if there’s something else going on,” said Dr.

Marlana Orloff, an oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia who specializes in the treatment and study of OM. The town of 63,000 people is in a state of just under 5 million people.

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