Dating antique jewelry

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Click for more info This is an 1836 US pistol with a lock date of 1837. Click for more info Spanish Miguelet Caballeria Ligera (Dragoons, Hussars) Pattern 1798. (In 1861 Sardinia would be united with Italy to be included in the rule of th ... Lock brass bridled pan, marked with a Z under a crown. Click for more info Portuguese Cavalry Flintock Pistol. Barrel marked “Gibbs Lancaster Pa.” Marking is worn and is visible. Probably made approximately 1720-1740 during the rule of the Piedmontese House of Savoy. Maslin Warranted.” Bore is approximately .52 caliber. Click for more info Rare Sardinian roman lock pistol. Lock: iron no-bridle pan, unmarked, modernized (pan cock) circa 1770. Click for more info These are an exceptionally fine pair of Lazaro Lazarino Flintlock Belt Pistols with chiseled barrels and inlaid stocks. Click for more info 21" overall with a 13-1/2" bbl. Gun features all brass fixtures such as trigger guard. markings, swivel iron ramrod, sliding hammer safety, inspectors marks on the left side of stock in a circle, co ... Click for more info Very Fine Miniature Kentucky Pistol. The barrel bears the makers mark of Geronimo Fernandez of Salamanca, Spain who worked between 16 56 Cal ... Carlsbad, also known as Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic present day, was a gun maker’s mecca for royalty visiting Carlsbad, which was a famous spa city. Click for more info Beautiful Miguelet lock pistol.

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Professional dealers may join the ASCAS as collectors or for private interest on antique silver, but our website has no link with commercial firms or advertising objectives.Garden furniture is listed in the Garden Furnishings category.Related items may be found in the Architectural, Brass, and Store categories. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=furniture&lgeo=1&mpre= These are NOT average prices but rather reports of unique sales.If the description includes the word , the piece resembles an older furniture style that was made at an earlier time. The major furniture periods in America are Pilgrim (1620s-1700), William and Mary (1690-1720), Queen Anne (1720-1750), Chippendale (1750-1780), Federal (1780-1840), Victorian (1840-1900), Art Nouveau (1890-1914), Arts & Crafts (1910-1925), Art Deco (1920-1940) and Midcentury Modern (1950-).

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