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Managers White and Barber took control and supervised the showroom.

How long the showroom was in situated there is as yet unknown.

Being a jewellery geek and nerd that likes the unusual and different mixed with history has its advantages. It has always puzzled me - why I have sourced plenty of vintage jewellery signed Jewelcraft. When Corocraft was the biggest seller for international company Coro.

In the sixties I can remember that most of the jewellery that I came across was Corocraft.

They intended to market more costume jewellery in Europe.

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It was produced in England and was sometimes signed "made in England".

However Cohn disappeared and in 1911, his family sold their share to his partner Carl.

He was responsible for the growth; and by combining his and Cohn's name - Coro was born. From there they welcomed their wholesale customers.

My only conclusion is that many pieces were unsigned and sold only with a pad, tag, card or box which were named.

Both Jewelcraft and Corocraft were the names used by US company Coro.

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