Dating dialogue

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Men who are interested in women should get interested in women’s rights.

I could feel the burgeoning pulse of lawlessness, which is quite flummoxing since President Elect Trump preaches “law and order.”Amid the torrent of now daily shocking news, when I hear that Mike Pence once signed a law that mandated funerals for fetuses (including those of miscarriages), I can’t help but feel fucked with by men.

It’s as if I’m some sane woman stuck in a mental institution after accidentally uncovering a conspiracy theory.

The good news is that I don’t believe most American men are misogynists.

What would happen if we all suddenly found ourselves in the nude? I imagined these well-dressed men teaming up on me — and not in some Pornhub-friendly way from the comfort of my bed. Grab’em by the pussy.” His words were no longer abstract media babble but present day validation of animalistic behavior.

Instead, I heard Donald Trumps voice in my head: “I just start kissing them… If the President Elect can do it, then why can’t any other man?

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