Dating ex boyfriends brother

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But my ex has moved on, we weren’t married and never talked about it, why should i bother about that or let my happiness depend on him. I haven’t decided but wanted to see what you think. My answer below Thanks for your explanation hun but my answer is still NO. There are blokes everywhere abeg leave two sons of one woman before you cause a circus, more like a war in that little area where you at.

If you guys haven’t gotten to second base yet, abeg run. Please don’t deceive yourself by saying you have the right to live your life. I'm still best friends with one of my cousins ex boyfriends.He's a solid guy, she left him after she started working out and had tons of guys flirting with her.Seems you're not at all concerned about your ex or your soon-to-be boyfriend's family situation. So to answer your question: Yes, it will make you seem morally loose to swing from one brother to the next.

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