Dating for overweight women

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Based on the number of normal (and yes, I do mean normal, based on medical standards) weight women dating overweight men, I would say “YES”.It puzzles me, but then, when I first met my husband and was attracted, he was about 40 lbs. Then again he was in his 20’s, very tall (6′3′) and quite muscular. If someone has no muscle tone, they can’t carry is much weight and still look good. Then I went to meet her, and I wasn't attracted to her at all!I think she was attracted to me, because she kept standing close to me, but I didn't do nothing Years later, I got married. I gained 30 lbs of sympathy weight (yes that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I got a talking to from my doctor, and she told me that I need to lose 60 lbs.If a young person wants a greater “selection” of dates, however, I would advise them to get in shape (most important thing) and lose some weight—enough to be fit.I am really tired of this PC thing that we must all accept any size, any weight, regardless.

I started thinking it through, “What if I just did one date a week? “If I did that for a year I’d date 50 people.” That’s huge!

Actually, I found it super easy to date in Los Angeles. All 18 dates asked me out again and I certainly broadened my horizons when it came to dating outside my ‘type’. I think there’s always that person who changes you and he was that for me.

I’ve been on a dating hiatus ever since and a lot has changed in my life but #18 isn’t going to be the end.

I got to a point where I have halted the weight gain and got my cholesterol/diabetes in check. In fact, the same man might not be attracted to obese women, and then might change to be attracted to obese women.

I am healthy, even though I am obese The weird thing is I'm not grossed out by obesity anymore. I'm not sure whether this is a side effect to me getting used to my own body, or maybe I have matured as a person. If you are an obese woman, then don't worry about men who aren't attracted to larger women.

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