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It simply means your man enough to admit you have a problem and you need help. i know i cant get layed off there, pretty much guaranteed employment. Dad was in the National Guard for 20yrs and I would like to do my part also. Have my application filled out for the National Guard here just up the street from where I live. If you have been abroad, or served in the Middle East, then you might want to get checked out for PTSD. And from what you've written here, you definitly need help. What do you know, except that your libido is on the rise - literally. Sex is a passing thing, and if you dont wear condoms every time you do go between someone, I would say you wont have to commit suicide, you will be dead really soon anyway. i wanted to put this onmyspace or facebook but too many people i know and that are involved read those things. I have another woman, who is 33 years old and married with two kids, who says she loves me. but i cant stand it more then 15 minutes it stinks. Stop thinking about your next lay, and take a time out doing for someone that needs you to be his dad. I am about 70% sureit is mine, because the mother, had sex with other guys in the same time frame, she says with me it was unprotected, others it was.The address – on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood – is chic, but the waiting room is nondescript: beige; a little shabby.A well-dressed client sits patiently, flicking through a copy of Time magazine. From outside there is a soft hum of traffic; a clock ticks. Only the books in a small alcove speak to something more exotic.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I have a friend who i like that just came back from Iraq (yes i am military/Army).Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.ok, here it goes. i like her but she is caught up between two married men. Try and get your name on the birth record and you might get to raise him, and then you can think of only him and let things fall into place.

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Welcome to the front line of America’s war on sex addiction.

Today, specialists have no doubt that sex can be the object of addiction just like food, shopping or gambling, alcoholism or drug addiction.

In cases when a person becomes sexually addicted intimate relationships become the keystone, while all life priorities quietly fade into the background and eventually disappear altogether.

The private clinic is regarded as one of the best in Los Angeles.

Lawyers, Hollywood executives – and dentists – are especially common among its clients, say the staff.

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