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Her own robot Alpha 6 already found 2 of the Turbo Keys and Morphers in this cave and is still working to find the Yellow, Blue, and Red. Later, a teen from another galaxy will be stranded on Earth (Orpheus) as his entire planet exploded due to their rival Maligore.He'll be the Red Ranger and no the Turbo Movie will not happen but Maligore will be in it and Divatox will soon discover him only to join forces.

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Just click on 'Respond To The Challenge' under this Challenge and you submit it as you would any Fanfic in this Archive. Anyone adding a Challenge without checking with me first will have it deleted. Princess Destiny a Round Robin, but we don't all write the same story, even though we're using the same plot.

Hurt, she'll take off only to find a demanding Tommy blocking her way with his arms crossed as if seeking for answers about why she did what she did.

She'll shove him away only to take off and that's when a plan will form inside the Machine Queen's head to get even with Mondo, Kat, and the Rangers. Kim will be her favorite person and she'll have some Cogs gather all the information about her by creating this mind reading device to put on her head. Turbo will happen earlier and in a different but same way because Machina made the Key and Morpher for herself.

There are currently over 600 One Hour Challenges for this Site, and they can be found here You will know they are an official Challenge for this site by the following details. EG: One Hour Challenge #1 by Princess Destiny Summary: Sentence: "Why did you say you wanted me to take my top off again? Turbo will happen earlier and differently as it'll take place in the Zeo Episode, Bomber in the Summer but with no Emily.

" Darien/Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask and Serena/Usagi/Sailor moon have just had it up *Here* with dating and decied its time for them to find a perfect match so they decied to go to they do meet what happen's will they go back to insult? Inquirians are trying to flee Divatox and her Piranhatrons and Dimitria will contact Zordon, asking him for help.

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