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Of course, you don’t want to give off any negative vibes when you’re in the honeymoon period.

You suck up any misadventures in your current life story, get on with things, and put on a brave face.

All it means is that the desperate need to remind the other of your presence is no longer quite so insistent.

The fact is that there comes a point in a relationship when you stop holding it in.

Whereas previously, you would have suffered stomach cramps with heroic endurance in a desperate bid to keep your good standing, trying to impress eventually has less importance. It shows that not only do you feel comfortable with each other, but that you are at last comfortable with yourselves. [Read: 13 unique and gross things you do that build intimacy with your partner] #2 All hung up.

You might worry that the absence of a constant need to make the best impression signals the end of a glorious period, but isn’t it better to relax in a comfort zone with someone who knows and loves you than pretend to be something you’re not? The key to a happy and fulfilling relationship is to not only nurture it, but also to nurture yourself.

With the honeymoon period out of the way, along with that desperate need to exist only for your significant other, you can start tending to yourself again in order to ensure that you can contribute to the relationship as a healthy and strong individual.

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