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The bodies of foreign women beheaded in Saudi Arabia, however, have never been repatriated to their home countries - Saudi authorities routinely refuse to reply to such requests. Beheaded in Jizan, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly running a brothel and chewing the mild drug "qat" 13 April 1995. Laila bint Abd al-Majid bin Al-Hamid and her daughter, Khalud Khalid bin Husain bin Ahmed Al-Naf. Beheaded in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for allegedly killing their husband/father 25 August 1995.

Outside the Gulf, women have been largely spared capital punishment, although Jordan hanged a young housewife in November 1993 - the second woman to be executed in the country's history. Beheaded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, along with her husband, for alleged murder 27 March 1995.

Among the more shocking cases over the past three years were a mother and her daughter who were decapitated together in front of an audience of men in a Dhahran market last August for allegedly killing the elder woman's husband.

In most cases, the condemned women - who include not only Saudis but Filipina, Sri Lankan, Nigerian, Indonesian and Pakistani nationals - were taken from their prisons to be beheaded, without warning that they were about to meet their death.

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