Dating in the dark are they still together

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They split up, but their social media feeds show they’re still friendly, so perhaps fans shouldn’t give up hope for a reunion.Status: Married Tom, a peripatetic surfer who outfits yacht interiors, decided Lillian, a high-end real estate agent, was worth settling down for.

Monet parlayed Status: Divorced Davina Kullar is now Davina Davis, and eagle-eyed viewers will note that is not Sean's last name.

Heather, a flight attendant, blamed his smoking, but Derek, an account executive, says it was clear that she was just not that into him. The results are mixed—one couple has a baby on the way while another bride felt compelled to file a restraining order against her insta-groom.

He’s still a fan of the show, posting on Facebook that he’s hoping for three successful marriages on the upcoming fifth season. In advance of the Season 5 premiere on April 20, let's see how arranged matrimony has treated these 12 couples.

It clearly wasn't meant to be between Sean, a trauma nurse, and Davina, a pharmaceutical saleswoman.

They never really jelled and couldn’t even live full-time together.

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