Dating in workplace

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Meanwhile, technology industry employees are the most accepting of office dating.

That’s perhaps because finding a healthy balance in the hospitality, finance and insurance industries can be especially difficult due to long (and usually unconventional) hours, fast-paced environments and occasionally high turnover rates.

You do this to protect yourself and to be transparent so to protect you from any pitfalls that you could possibly run into.

Now, unfortunately some companies do not allow for inner office relationships.

So at this point you and your significant other have to make a choice.

Decide to continue dating and one of you quits their job, or end the relationship. But if you get caught or your relationships goes public then you both could risk losing your jobs.

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A study done at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found potential benefits to office romances.

A person who sexually harasses someone else is responsible for their behaviour.

However, employers can also be liable for the actions of their employees. Employers should ensure that they address all complaints of sexual harassment with care.

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It is common for relationships and attractions to develop in the workplace.

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