Dating insecure man high school dating rpg games

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However, your new, insecure boyfriend just can't let go of the fact that you dated someone else before he came along.

He is worried that you will go back to your ex and he thinks you compare him to your ex.

He washed his plate and fork off for the first time ever since you've been together.

He looks at you, smiling, and waits for you to compliment him on a job well done.

You wake up in the morning, the sun is shining bright, and you can't help feeling happy. He can't stand it when you are happy, especially when he is not the cause of your happiness.

He feels insecure when anything, besides himself, makes you feel good.

In a brand new relationship, the two of you want to spend every waking moment together.One of the weirdest things about insecure men is that they never seem to have their own hobbies, even though it would do them a world of good.Instead of having his own interests, he will latch onto yours.Your man always has amazing stories to tell about himself. Insecure men like to tell stories about themselves as proof that they are so amazing, but most of the stories aren't even true.From being the playground hero to standing up to workplace bullies, all his stories involve his wonderful self doing things that make everyone proud of him. He is just trying to make himself look grander than he really is. In normal situations, no one would think twice about this, but you are dating an insecure guy.

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