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Britain exported corn, hides, cattle and iron to the empire to support the Roman military effort and the administrations it set up across the Channel.Britain grew wealthy on this trade and its culture was changed profoundly by this close contact with the Empire.Habitation of the area is very ancient, as borne out by traces of Stone Age occupation which have been found.A succession of coins manufactured by the tribes of Northern France was imported into south-east England beginning around this time for at least a hundred years.Caesar, of course, expected an annual tribute in return.

Large settlements with earthworks were established. The Emperor Augustus launched his armies against Holland and Germany and established a permanent force on the Rhine.

Julius Caesar led his first expedition to Britain, probably just after the Roman Empire began the conquest of Gaul.

Julius Caesar wrote down his experiences in his book on the Gallic Wars, "De Bello Gallico".

Coins show that their new ruler was Cunobelinus or Cunobelin, supposedly later the basis for Shakespeare's Cymbeline.

He took over Camulodunum and seems to have moved his main mint and capital from St Albans to Colchester.

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