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The embassy was overwhelmed with requests from stateless Jews seeking asylum in a neutral country such as Spain or safe passage out of Europe.

Perlasca rescuing Jews at the train station at Budapest The Consulate also employed Jews as clerks and housed them in eight apartment buildings under its control. The Hungarian government then discovered that the Spanish officials had been harboring Jews in their houses and embassy and began raiding the homes of diplomats.

Initially attracted to Italian fascism, he volunteered for the army when Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935.

Later he joined the Corps of Volunteer Troops, an Italian force assisting the rebel forces of Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil from 1936 to 1939.

Life changed drastically in March 1944 when the Hungarian Nazis seized power. Producing his vital letter from the Spanish authorities, he received a Spanish passport with his new name: Jorge Perlasca.

The letter instructed the Spanish foreign service to come to his aid if he should ever need diplomatic assistance.Giorgio Perlasca saved more Jews than the 1200 saved by the famous Oskar Schindler.Like Raoul Wallenberg, Perlasca boldly rescued Hungarian Jews from under the noses of the Nazis.Fortunately for him they were unable to confirm Perlasca’s new status with Madrid and he was permitted to continue working. I couldn’t stand seeing children being killed,” he stated.“I couldn’t stand the sight of people being branded like animals . “I did what I had to do.” Perlasca described his situation: "At first, I didn't know what to do, but then I began to feel like a fish in water.

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