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In what will forever now be known as a Kevin Spacey, the singer has willed the world to see him as he wants to be seen, with headlines about Brown’s history of domestic violence and harassment slowly but surely transforming into updates about his tours and new music, articles that entirely fail to mention the singer’s problematic past (which, by the way, is hardly ancient history).For a man whose ex successfully filed a five-year restraining order against him is so stuffed with songs, it’ll take you nearly 2 hours 40 minutes to listen from start to finish.” Fans are apparently left to wrestle with the moral implications of three hours of Chris Brown on their own; the music site doesn’t even do the bare minimum of deeming Brown “controversial.” When it comes to violent and abusive artists, the question of media and fan complicity has been looming increasingly larger, since social media has given anyone with a conscience a platform with which to berate the entertainment industry for routinely profiting off the creative output of bad dudes.(above, left) says there is zero evidence that he committed the alleged crime.As we reported, Gloria Allred's anonymous client claimed Grissom raped her twice while partying at Breezy's house in February 2017.Brown took to his Instagram account late last night to react to the shock of those pictures, claiming there was no foul play, and — get this — thanking those concerned "for all the publicity." WTF??Here's his denial and response in full (below): Chris Brown doesn't have a great track record with women. Breezy was spotted with his hands around a woman's throat.

Video: Yale Grad Student Calls Cops On Black Student For SLEEPING IN COMMON AREA But Grissom's attorney is calling B. on the allegations, claiming that Grissom was already cleared by authorities after the incident was fully investigated last year.

It looks like there's a truce upcoming in this never-ending battle of the exes!

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman may have gone blow after blow in what seemed like a never-ending custody war the past few years, but brighter days are ahead — like, on Sunday, when Brown and Guzman will officially call a (temporary?

Despite a judge granting Karrueche Tran a five-year restraining order against him back in June, it seems like the rapper is still wishing his ex well!

Related: Kendall Jenner & Ed Sheeran Slammed For Being In Chris' Video On Saturday, the 28-year-old commented on a picture of the actress with her new boyfriend/NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz posted by The Shade Room on Instagram — and it was actually really positive!

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