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Later during the Middle Eocene a rifting period affected the area and caused formation of the Rhine are remains of this period.

The geological foundation of the Black Forest is formed by the crystalline bedrock of the Variscan basement.

Large areas of the eastern Black Forest, the lowest layer of the South German Scarplands composed of Bunter Sandstone, are covered by seemingly endless coniferous forest with their island clearings.

The exposed basement in the west, predominantly made up of metamorphic rocks and granites, was, despite its rugged topography, easier to settle and appears much more open and inviting today with its varied meadow valleys.

The mountain range was also divided into three regions.

The northern boundary of the Central Black Forest in this classification runs south of the ) in the extreme southwest of the Black Forest; morphologically, geologically and climatically it is separate from the other parts of the Southern Black Forest and, in this classification, is also counted as part of the High Black Forest. The Black Forest occupies part of the continental divide between the Atlantic Ocean drainage basin (drained by the Rhine) and the Black Sea drainage basin (drained by the Danube).

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Until the 1930s, the Black Forest was divided into the Northern and Southern Black Forest, the boundary being the line of the valley.) is a large forested mountain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany.It is bounded by the Rhine valley to the west and south.The summits are rounded and there are also the remnants of plateaux and -like landforms.Geologically the clearest division is also between east and west.

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