Dating my female friends sister

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Listen, I have a little sister who's a couple years younger than me.

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As far as the sister's friend thing..things don't work out, it would just be weird having to see her all time because she and your sister would remain friends.Are they the type of people that stay in each other's business, or do they give each other space when it comes to relationnships?I will say, though, my relationship w/ his sister is a little more guarded now than it used to be, b/c I don't feel comfortable talking to her about a lot of things about my bf that I didn't mind talking to her before.However, there's an unspoken agreement between us that I wouldn't wanna talk to any of them again if they ever tried something serious with her. Similarly, my friend has a little sister that I will talk to and occasionally flirt with (we have the same b-day, and this year we turn 21 & 18, think of the possibilities) BUT I acknowledge my myself that it's not worth it. I mean, if there's THAT awkwardness you're worried about. Not to put her in the middle, but she really may have some "insider" info. Like I said, I would say that, I have a better friendship between this girl and myself than I do with her brother, and that my sister has between this girl.And unless you don't really care about your friendship with this girl's brother, you should do the same. I'm not saying ask for his permission, I'm just saying, see what he thinks. So she's your mates sister and is also good friends with your sister, right? Its just, I think that her brother would flip out (maybe not, who knows -- he just thinks I am weird, I guess) a little bit if I even made an attempt.

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