Dating pornstars

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A porn star girlfriend is every man’s fantasy, am I right? Yes, we might be slightly numb to nudity and forget that it’s not ok to talk about anal in front of your grandparents, but for the most part, we are normal.Unfortunately, the fantasy may be a lot further away from reality then one might wish for. That being said, it takes a monumental human to be in a relationship with a porn star.There was nothing false or forced about our courtship.It was like good friends getting to know each other and then having epic sex.

I love my relationship because my other half is just that, my other half. We split bills, we split chores, we help each other out, we buy each other gifts, everything is a balance, an equal partnership. To some men it can be incredibly intimidating to have a woman that earns as much as them, works as hard as them, and is as powerful as them. Or the overwhelming self loathing that occurs when you feel jealousy burning a hole in your chest, wondering why all your friends are booked for the same movie and you’re not.To say you need a thick skin to be in the adult industry is an understatement, and boy you better have an even thicker one to date us.Just because I do porn doesn’t mean I’m ok with you having multiple girls on the side. My job is my job, it’s not an invitation for you to have an orgy with your side chicks while you Face Time me. For me this is the most important point on the list.I understand that it's hard to separate this kind of work from reality but if you want to date a porn girl, you better start separating.Throughout my time in the industry I have dated on and off, performers and non-performers.

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