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The same sexless reason I had enjoyed doing the questions also underlined the fact that I didn’t really feel a ton of physical chemistry.The worst was when Matthew said he wouldn’t want to do the questions again with someone else.I’ve been known to pull up zodiac compatibility on first dates.I spend all my time trying to rush people into falling in love with me, but I do it messily enough that I can justify it as self-sabotage when they don’t.

These were the questions that I had been most afraid of, going into the experiment. Another organic plus of the questions: I felt comfortable and was pleased that things weren’t turning overtly sexual right away.

We quickly realized it was fairest to alternate who would answer first.

This was key because as I found out very quickly, it is super easy to feel self-conscious of your answer or worried you answered “incorrectly” after hearing another, much more eloquent response.

Matthew* was a lawyer in his 30s, cute in a Stanley Tucci kind of way...

only like 7 feet tall, and most importantly, he was done with the questions (his opening line was about the uninterrupted eye contact).

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