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Some dog breeds are more aggressive or difficult to handle and train, so it also depends on how experienced you are with dogs, how much time you have to train the dog, if you can give him/her attention by grooming and playing with the pooch, and so on.

These are just suggestions of certain breeds for a particular type of person currently living the life of singlehood and looking to partner up with a fellow human: The Active & Outdoor Person: If you enjoy being outdoors most of the time, and you enjoy running, boating, hiking, and sports, it is always nice to have a fluffy companion with you if friends and loved ones aren't available.

The first step involves the dogs which are most preferable for the lifestyle of single people looking to go into serious relationships.

This means that eventually other people and dogs will be in the picture as well.

In saying that, certain characteristics of breeds can be traced in individual dogs of that type. Read, ask professionals, consult the 100,000 members of Reddit's /r/dogs (a tight-knit community who also helped us in writing this article), and go with your gut!

What works for one person, might be a no-no for someone else.

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