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Even though marketing is always being innovated and improved, the core practices remain the same.

The following year, with the end of the station in sight, he took more holiday and spent the last three weeks of Radio Scotland's life on board the ship so he was there when it closed down on 14th August 1967.

Jimmy had a job as an insurance rep when Radio Scotland launched but he also worked part-time as a volunteer on hospital radio in Edinburgh.

Fascinated by the new station, he did not waste any time. Managing Director Tommy Shields commissioned him to present The Hospital Half-Hour request show each week.

To go along with making it easier, the same ideas behind making a website accessible are used in good Search Engine Optimization practices, and in how an internet browser will view your website.

The assessment measures how well written and up-to-date the text is on your website, as well as measuring how much the meta data (technical data used to tell computers about a file) helps your site in search engines, and how images are used and displayed on the website.

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