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Bivariate statistics described the characteristics and context of teenage pregnancy.

Multivariate logistic regression explored correlates of unplanned pregnancy.

Upcoming clinic schedules for each midwife were collected and listed.

Interviewers then visited the next available clinic for the first randomly selected midwife and recruited respondents to the study as detailed below.

The area is divided into fifteen medical officer of health (MOH) areas for provision of community health services.

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Most pregnant teenagers were living within stable and supportive family environments, with 94% reporting that they felt ‘very well supported’.

In common with other countries, teenage pregnancy is attracting policy attention in Sri Lanka because of the risks it poses to maternal and infant health and social and economic well-being.

This study aimed to increase understanding of the context of teenage pregnancy, by (1) describing the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of pregnant teenagers and their partners; (2) exploring whether teenage pregnancies are planned and how they are received; and (3) exploring factors associated with unplanned teenage pregnancy.

Interviewers proceeded to visit midwives in their clinics in the randomly assigned order until the target sample size for that MOH area had been reached.

In those ten MOH areas that included plantation populations, the plantations were listed in alphabetical order and then randomly reorganised.

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