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MORE: What Guys Really Think of Texting The reason women get so frustrated is that they expect men to experience relationships the same way they do.

She wants to hear from him during the day because that makes her feel cared for and even when she’s at work, she can’t help but think about why he hasn’t texted just to say hi or see how her day is going. You Think It Means He Doesn’t Care Men communicate differently than women do, and they usually talk for the sake of achieving some sort of a goal or making a plan.

And if he does fade into the texting abyss never to be heard from again, then whatever!

You’ll be freed up to find someone else who does see and appreciate you for who you are and that’s just so much better!

Tap the Lichtenstein-esque image of a screaming lady and the word bubble populates your text message in a postcard-like note.

Type in a message, select a theme—everything from "love" to "night" to "upset"—and Social Status Free spits back dozens of background image options.

I’ve been guilty of waiting with baited breath for my phone to make that beloved ding, I’ve played Text Detective, I’ve endured the agonizing pain of a stomach twisted in knots and a mind demanding to know: Why is he taking so long to write back? Why haven’t I heard from him today, isn’t he thinking about me? Why are his answers so short and vague, is he not into me anymore? Why did he initiate a conversation and then just disappear? We Just Don’t Get It Reality isn’t absolute, it’s created based on our own experiences and how we interpret them.Most women can do this, men typically can’t (at least not the ones with demanding jobs).A guy may start out texting you all day, no matter how crazy his day is, but that will only happen in the early stages of a relationship and simply isn’t sustainable for the longterm.Men primarily gain their sense of worth through their ability to have an impact on the world, from their ability to be “winners.” So in the context of texting and relationships, a woman’s head is always in the relationship, even when she’s at work.I remember times when I would be at work doing what needed to be done and G-chatting all day long with a guy I was seeing.

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