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He has taught me that the abandonment I experienced had nothing to do with my value as a person. September: Friendships We are currently accepting and publishing submissions on all topics. Boris Aranovich: Health Concept of the Future Available Today! Bring the body into balance and amazing healings can occur! Do you or anyone you know experience any acute inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, hormonal issues, skin challenges, dis-eases or imbalances in the body?Clinical studies and research back up the effectiveness of these innovative products designed by a doctor and scientist.

Deborah Stuart: Beautiful Jewelry & Tools for Your Ascension! Use that energy to consciously create a beautiful new world for yourselves, those you love and our planet!It has been several weeks now and I was tested again yesterday and still 0 food allergies are showing…I can eat without fear now.” "My session with Lynn was amazing. My thoughts constantly churned in my head as I tried to come to some sort of resolution. I eventually had to accept the fact that I’d never fully understand what happened and why. A pain I could not control crashed over me, knocking me down and leaving me completely paralyzed with heartbreak. And not the cutesy one tear, makeup-is-still-in-tact, movie-star kind of cry. His actions made me feel as though I was nothing, that I had no value. Because he wants to keep you safe and protect you from harm. I told him I loved him, that I wanted to work at it, fight for it. So there I was with a heart full of love and arms empty. To put it gently, I was disoriented and very, very confused. For a while, I tried to rationalize his decision and have some control over what had occurred. The man who I totally trusted, who knew me better than most, So doesn’t that say that I’m worthless?

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