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Latvia is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as a part of the European Union.Latvia greatly used all previously gained knowledge regarding economic and political reforms in order to help others embarking on similar issues like Latvia did more than twenty years ago.

Latvia ever since the independence is a national state, Democratic socially and legally responsible as well as internationally recognized as an independante country.

This United States Legation also served for many years as U. It should be noted that even though this United States Legation is Riga Latvianrepresentation established in the United States has continued for eighty-five years. These two countries also have signed various treaties regarding intellectual property prediction, mutual legal assistance, treaties on various investment trade, avoidance of double taxation and other. Embassy Official in Latvia includes public affair offices, defense attache, Ambassador, deputy chief, political and economic officer, management officer and consular officer.

Also, the United States has never recognized the incorporation of Latvia by forcible manner into the U. Since December of 1991, Latvia has enjoyed a great treatment as a most-favored nation with the United States. This site is all about diplomatic relations between the United States and Latvia since these two countries have a long history of prosperous diplomatic relations dating back to 1922 when United States Legation was established in Riga. R., as well as it views the current Latvian governments as the continuation of the republic.

According to some studies form 2012, thirty percentage of Latvian citizens approve this leadership by the United States. Here on the websites besides finding relevant information about bilateral relations between these two countries, you can also find information regarding various information about a history of these two countries, news and fact related to this regions an other. Luke we said previously, the United States, in fact, t never recognized that forcible incorporation of Latvia into the U. Latvia has completely embraced the democracy since its independence in 1991.

Other thirty percent of the Latvian residents disapprove it, and around thirty-nine percentage of the citizens are uncertain on the U. Therefore, you will get a better insight into both of these countries regarding their history, current news, sports events and other. during World War II, United States has recognized Latvia as an independent country regardless of this annexation that occurred. Latvia also embraced the principle of the open market especially when it comes to the relations with the United States.

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