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forget the medications or buzzers the doctors offer ... go purchase some plastic backed washable bed pads ... My biggest frustration in dealing with this issue as a mother was when my son outgrew the kids goodnights diapers , the smallest adult size was huge , and rough / uncomfy . She will even get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom on her own.

Did anyone else have the same situation that changed as they get older?

This helped mine a great deal,and dont forget the most imp praise them.get mad no matter how frustrating!!!

I knew if I searched I'd find a thread on this - old but still relevant.

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I never used pull ups but I used disposable cloths that the hospitals used-they r greatt.Interesting info there Sweet, I will have to check on my and my wife's family history of this... Don't know much about the rest or anything of my own... I'm wondering if I am blessed, or if things will change as she gets older.......My son did not stop wetting the bed until he was 16 .... Reasure your son that this is a medical problem , that its not his fault , that he will out grow it . My daughter is almost 3 years old, She has been potty trained for almost a year now, and I can only think of a few times that she had wet the bed due to faulty diapers, she is completely out of diapers now and has no problem at night, right before bed we go through the same routine together: Bath, brush teeth, go potty and put on pj's.shaming a child for this, can do more harm than good. You all remember that good TV movie with Michael Landon, where he was a bedwetter as a kid, and became a Track Star, because he ran home as fast as he could to take down the pee stained Sheet his mom would put on display for the public to see, he ran home as fast as he could, so the kids who took that route past his house, wouldn't see the big pee spot on the sheet. As for fluid intake, it has been taken to all sorts of levels...Some kids have trouble waking up when they have the urge to go. Doesn't seem to matter whether he had fluid recently before bed or not...

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