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I am baffled to think that in my short ownership of this laptop that HP would continue to replace the system board knowing that there is a known fault.

Even when I spoke to an HP technician yesterday regarding replacement of the system board he said that the same design of system board would replace the broken one and that he did not understand why HP were still fitting them as they are condemned from the moment they are fitted.

TOLD WAS NOT ENTITLED BECAUSE HAD NOT PAID ENOUGH CLASS 1 NI CONTRIBUTIONS. SO WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL MY CONTRIBUTIONS FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS OF 25 YEARS WORKING SINCE LEAVING SCHOOL. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER WORKED WHO ARE HEALTHY AND CAPABLE OF WORKING WHO HAVE NEVER PAID ANY TAX OR NI WHO CLAIM EVERY WEEK OR TWO WEEKS . My bill was 16.00 so I paid and and they passed me 4 bagles and only plain cream cheese because thats all they had and then they passed me coffee in a cardboard box cause they had no carriers at all, needless to say the coffee went all over as it had no support.

Will not go there again, I was very disapointed and pissed.

my mother was involved in a car accident on the 17 of august 2008 on her way to visit me ,the day after i had our family dog put to sleep she never arrived and has been in a comatosed state since the date,battling for the first 3 days on life support,my world has not been the same since,megan(my daughter of just 2yrs of age) and i have now moved from our home in north wales to stay in my mothers home in south wales so we can be nearer to her while she continues to recover,visiting my mum is detramental to her recovery.

I have been trying,in vain it seems,to claim for help with my moving and living expenses since this has happened,my father died wen i was 7,my mum is the only person in the world who ever helped me,i've been so lost and disheartened,the community care grant that is in place to help unfortunate turns like this have not helped me to date despite my efforts my case just isn't desperate enough for them to help,although my little sister has received help since it happened? I purchased the ab circle pro on the 16th may 2011 and as yet have not received the item or any correspondence from the supplier.

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