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This page takes a closer look at a variety of topics that have been summarized in two introductory pages.

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These questions are interesting, and they will be pursued more thoroughly at a later time. In formal logic, "deductive" inference implies certainty.

Sections 1-6 assume that during problem formulation there already has been the selection of an area of nature to study; and in Sections 1-4 and 6, there is already a theory about this area. The "Goals of ISM" page makes a distinction between the ISM framework and an elaboration of this framework by myself or by others.

The overview describes the ISM framework with minimal elaboration.

As a reminder, and so you can easily review, at the beginning of each section there is a link to the corresponding description (located at the end of this page) from the overview.

And at the end of each section there is a link to the Table of Contents at the top of this page. The references cited in this page are listed in another page.

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