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Mayor Ken Rosenberg is proud of the city's response to the crisis - focusing not on penalties but on providing services.Yet he's also worried that the peace won't last as RVs crowd into bike lanes and over-taxed streets.

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The Bay Area native remembers the time a class was studying John Steinbeck, when another student said that she was sick of hearing about the homeless.'And I said, 'Watch your mouth.She grades papers and prepares lessons in the Volvo.At night, she leans back the driver's seat and prepares for sleep, one of two dogs, Hank, by her side.She concedes it's 'not a very nice living situation,' but it also is not unusual.Until authorities told them to move, more than a dozen other RVs filled with people who can't afford rent joined Saldana on a tree-lined street in Mountain View, parked between a Target and a luxury apartment complex.

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