Demonoid upload not updating

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My android cell phone is receiving all my emails beforehand.In addition, Windows 10 Mail is not syncing with my cell phone. Treat this site as phishing site or honeypot until further notice.For more info, feel free to join us in the Demonoid IRC on irc.p2at #demonoid.I very stupidly clicked the link in the email I got thinking I would just take a look, but not do anything until I researched it a bit more.

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If you make a forum account of and just look around you should be able to find someone willing to trade invites or just a nice guy doing a giveaway. So many great discussions, playlists - made into torrents - all that stuff. Punk has gone out of fashion and everyone stopped caring. The site has now been suspended, pending full shutdown."Source Who is doing it, and what's their strategy?Baconbits does it well, too, but I got kicked for being unable to seed. Don't know what's going on, but I sure miss that site. Whoever sent the emails, very very likely has at least part of the database.I used a demonoid-unique email address and the email I got could only come from either 1) someone who had that database 2) someone who is surveilling all my incoming email.We can remain open to the idea, but it's not the first place we should go.)If it's "the authorities" then I think it unlikely they would be hosting malware.Not impossible (no one is or is it really just some sort of generic we-don't-trust-these-guys warning?

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