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Also in Constantinople the Vikings were acknowledged for their strength – so much so that the Varangian guard of the Byzantine emperors in the 11th century was made up entirely of Swedish Vikings.Misconception: The Vikings were unusually bloodthirsty and barbarian The Viking raids were indeed very violent, but it was a violent age, and the question is whether non-viking armies were any less bloodthirsty and barbarian; for instance, Charlemagne, who was the Vikings’ contemporary, virtually exterminated the whole people of Avars.hi ,im a loving,caring, honest, humble ,funny and hardworking lady . I am a happy retiree, from Copenhagen, the town in which I was born, went to school, studied and working.perfect is not what im looking for but a man who has almost the same qualities as me and who is ready for a serious relationship. i dont meant to look cute gf or preety..i just want inner beauty & sincere lady who is not only gonna love me but also teach me and advice me in my mistake & weakness for my more improvemen in life... I'm a fun guy at the age of 23 who likes to go out, I'm active, I am a big fan of 80's music and classical rock, I'm quite spontaneous, a big fan of British comedy, like to travel, have a weird sense of humour .. I am educated as Forwarding Agent, similar to Export/Import and Shippingman. If you could wake up tomorrow and have everything you ever desired, what would you see?

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According to Viking Sagas, one method of testing these weapons was to place the sword hilt first in a cold stream, and float a hair down to it.

In England, the Vikings living there even had a reputation for excessive cleanliness because of their custom of bathing once a week (on Saturday).

To this day, Saturday is referred to as laugardagur / laurdag / lørdag / lördag, or “washing day” in the Scandinavian languages, though the original meaning is lost in modern speech in most cases.

The word Viking does not refer to any location, but is the Old Norse word for a person participating in an expedition to sea.

Misconception: The Vikings were all dirty, wild-looking people In many movies and cartoons, the Vikings are shown as dirty, wild-looking, savage men and women, but in reality, the Vikings were quite vain about their appearance.

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