Desperate lonely dating site uk

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You cannot admit you want this or you are single and lonely because if you do you are kind of a old fashion loser.

We sent emails back and forth through the site for a week.

Actually it was hardly surprising that ‘James’ was so easy going. His photo had probably been stolen by scammers from a U. In the space of just one month she handed over a staggering £174,000, virtually all her life’s savings, to help ‘James’ — even though they had never even met.

Mrs Hardman was, in fact, the victim of a cruel and ruthlessly executed con.

Alarmingly, they were running their scam from a house in Hampshire and using a reputable and popular dating website,, as a front for their deception.

Indeed, web monitors estimate that there are ‘thousands’ of scammers on With one in four people in Britain nowadays meeting their partner online — indeed claims to have helped create more than a million babies worldwide — it has to be asked: just how safe is internet dating?

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