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We have delivered web-based authentication service integration for intra- and inter-network configurations.Our capabilities include directory consolidation, access control definition, public key infrastructure, federated trust, compliance check, and threat modeling.A PKI from CSS helps you satisfy stringent security requirements as you apply them to a multitude of business processes including but not limited to non-repudiation of e-mail messages, encryption of web server traffic, and the use of encrypted file systems.CSS PKI solutions combine technology, people, services, processes, and policy for a complete solution.Without Identity and Access Management, your quality and reliability suffer.Much like quality initiatives, IAM requires alignment and integration with business processes if it is to be effective and efficient.

CSS can help your company implement a manageable, two-factor authentication system that will heighten credential assurance, merge physical and logical access and reduce enterprise sign-ons.Paul's Training Company needs a web page to add, edit, delete, list, and search for products at their company.You have been tasked with building this page using MVC 5, but you don't want to use the five separate pages generated from the Visual Studio 2013 scaffolding engine.Implementing IAM is challenging and time-consuming, due in large part to the need for provisioning role-based access control across a company's applications, departments, and individuals.Whether driven by the need to make your staff more effective through broadened, secure reach of your network or regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI, CSS is uniquely skilled to apply our 13-plus years of IAM implementations for trusted solutions.

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