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People put way too much emphasis on a first chat, date and over emphasize the situation.

If that is you, learn to get a better read on people AND learn to control your emotions Emotional Intelligence Test.

which ended in him saying he doesn't know if we should continue to date etc.

He was just getting to know me and we seemed to get along really well and He would tell me how much he liked me then all of a sudden this....i'm just really confused and hurt from the random rejection I met this guy on a dating website, he seemed very nice and very interested.

You can have a good time with someone without there being chemistry. Next time, try not to fall for the guy so soon because you don't know what's going on in his life.

The first and even second date are to see if theres some interest, some chemistry.

You can have a good time with someone without there being chemistry. I seems "all of a sudden" to you, but to him its just no interest.

Your typical meet-cute begins with an ambiguous “hangout,” and as time goes by, it becomes increasingly unclear whether you and your guy are just really close friends or taking things slow. He may also want to have life experiences or work on himself first before he gets into a serious relationship.”The second time I heard a man say he couldn’t be a boyfriend, I was actually relieved.

Odds are, neither party knows exactly what’s going on. Timing plays more of a role than not being ‘good enough’ for a guy. Burned by my last experience, I saw it as a warning and promptly cut off the flirtation with no wounded pride. If you find yourself or a friend in this confusing Neverland of a dating situation, learn from my mistakes.

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