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Moreover, Dirty Harry delivers a fascinating commentary on justice and bureaucratic ineptitude, all while providing a thought provoking analysis of the legal system, its effectiveness, and the inherent contradictions that plague its implementation.

Siegel may not have been aiming for such lofty intellectual pursuits when Eastwood strode onto set, but the film and its actors manage to tackle all of these concepts and more, forcing viewers -- even those wrapped up in its gunplay and chase scenes -- to answer some tough questions.

Alas, Callahan's final case, The Dead Pool, puts an awkward, late-80s stamp on the series.

Working a case involving a dead rock star (Jim Carrey), a hot-tempered film director (Liam Neeson), and a contrived game of celebrity death match, Harry has to stop a killer and save a reporter (Patricia Clarkson) who's getting too close to the subject of her story.

He would rather fight fire with fire than trust the policies of weak-willed lawmakers, but he's a man who knows his limitations.

Even some forty years after director Don Siegel's Dirty Harry first stormed theaters, Callahan has yet to become a relic.

In that regard, Dirty Harry is a true Hollywood hallmark; a classic that won't soon fade from our collective cinematic conscience.

Magnum Force ups the ante in every conceivable way, even bounding down unexplored avenues of Callahan's character, but simply doesn't dole out its gut-punches as readily or effectively as Dirty Harry.

They even find interesting ways to bend and twist Callahan's second outing rather than merely rehash everything that worked for Siegel the first time around.Thankfully, Eastwood is better than ever; so much so that he single-handedly keeps Magnum Force afloat.With a refined sense of purpose, the veteran actor pours even more gruff, gunslinger charm into Callahan's every line and expression.Clint Eastwood plays the intrepid San Francisco Police Department Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan.Box set contains all five movies in the series: Dirty Harry (1971), Magnum Force (1973), The Enforcer (1976), Sudden Impact (1983 - directed by Eastwood himself) and The Dead Pool (1988).

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