Dns slave not updating

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Users take advantage of this when they recite meaningful Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and e-mail addresses without having to know how the computer actually locates them.BIND (pronounced /ˈbaɪnd/), or named (/ˈneɪmdiː/), was as of 2004 the most commonly used Domain Name System (DNS) server on the Internet, and still proclaims itself to be so.If any log/setting is needed, let me know and I will provide the same. I've just tried that and it seems like this is not working for me, but I've figure it out if I change last_check to NULL, powerdns not only synchronize all DNS records, but it also update SOA record.On , Aki Tuomi wrote: Maybe those older domains are using autoserial by having their serial set to 0?

What bothers me is this: - every domain that was added in the past, after adding new record, new record is automatically transferred to the slave with any problem within next minute or two - every new domain that I add have problem when I add new record on the master server, it is not transferred to the slaves and the only way it is working is manually through pdns_control notify host domain OR changing directly in the database SOA record or last checked - in the end this is not solution, as I want it to be transferred automatically, just like it's working for old domains What could be the problem, any suggestions?

If I sent notify for this domain, result is always: pdns[7807]: 1 domain for which we are master needs notifications pdns[7807]: No master domains need notifications and nothing gets updated.

Servers are indeed behind the firewall, but I've tried to allow all traffic on port 53 and no success (I've even disabled completely firewall, so firewall is not a problem for sure).

On Unix-like operating systems it is the de facto standard.

Originally written by four graduate students at the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), the name originates as an acronym from Berkeley Internet Name Domain.

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