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In Sudan, one can see extremism in the guise of racism merging with radicalism in ideology -- Arab nationalists have in one way or another always acknowledged the link with Islam.

Like ' Aflaq, Zurayq, the most secular pan-Arabist of his generation, gave one of these speeches "In memory of the Arab prophet." There's a strong argument that Arabism was never detached from Islamism, To this day, Islam has retained its imperial ambitions.

Therefore, "Arabism is Islam." (Pluralism and party transformation in Lebanon: Al-Kata'ib, John Pierre Entelis, p.

80) )From an Islamic perspective, the Arab urge for unity is simply accounted for.

But while Nazism and Soviet Communism have disappeared, Jihadi oppression of minorities is still alive.

The brutal regimes and elites continue to ignore the plight of oppressed groups and to deny genocides already perpetrated... better known to the public in the west are the Kurds, the Berbers, and the Africans.

Indeed, at that time, a book came out "the new land of Islam," the book praised Shakib Arslan for envisioning fascist Italy's victory and for prescribing, in time, for the correct Arab attitude, and also hailed General Graziani the henchman of anti Mussolini ' Umar al-Mukhtar in 1931 for being the true friend of Arabism.

Along with Nazism in the West and Stalinism in the East, ultra-Arabism and Jihadism have been responsible for widespread persecution and genocide.

Al-Kata'ib's Jumayyil argued that the notion that Arabism of certain intellectuals is "scientific" and free of "religious fanaticism," is nevertheless the expression of only a small minority, stating: "secularity is impossible for Arab nationalism; religion is the essence of this nationalism as a result of the teachings of its leaders and ideologues." In fact, according to the Kata'ib frame of reference, "the pan-Arab movement is first and foremost a pan- Islamic movement" and behind the Arab idea there exists the Islamic reality.Also historic Arabizing of the middle east Iraqi statesman Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz (1913-72) argued that Arab nationalism and Islam were in perfect harmony because Islam is the national religion of the Arabs, Al-Bazzaz maintained that the dualism (spiritual vs.temporal) of Western Christendom is unknown to true Islam. 77) During the years 1948-1967, pan-Arab ideologies were the rage of the Muslim world, leading proponent of conservative pan-Arabism, al-Bazzaz, likened the position of the Arabs in Islam to that of the Russians in world communism.Rhoudie (ed.) Intergroup Accommodation in Plural Societies (London Macmillan), 115-42]. Qutb and the Islamists, by way of contrast, pictured the resurrected caliphate as a theocracy, strictly enforcing shariah, the legal code of the Koran.The Islamists and the Pan-Arabists had their similarities then, and their differences.

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