Effects of dating married men

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That is to say, even after marriage, many men act as though they are still single.

Maybe faithful sexually, but does what is best for himself in the short run, not best for the couple/both for the long run.

That's why so many single women hate Tinder, which has further commodified sex for the benefit of men. And modern society has largely abdicated from the job.

While most men still want to marry, Regnerus states, they keep kicking that can further and further down the road, for a time “when their independence becomes less valuable to them.” The median age for marriage for American men today hovers around 30.

His conclusions are based on research from several nationally-representative surveys, in-person interviews with 100 men and women, and theories of other social scientists.

Judaism teaches men to equate responsibility with manliness, and teaches women to equate their innate power to attract as something to be treasured, a gift to be bestowed only on a man who is committed to her.

It is women, not men, who tend to be exploited in sexual relationships.

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