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I love Ben, and you want people you care about in life to get the things they want.But from a selfish point of view, I still get to work with him. When he joined the cast, it was a very subtle shift, and people were very respectful.Even now, when people ask her what she does, it's the last thing she says. In media.' I'm not ashamed of it but I guess you're trying to protect yourself from 'What would I have seen you in?'"Unlike most people about to be interviewed, Elaine Cassidy gives me a hug.If he’d got the job and not told us, he’d deserve a Bafta! At a party I met a director who asked if I wanted to be in a pop video. To eat out in LA is amazing but you get the ‘LA bloat’ because their food is injected with so much sugar. I'm surprised, and not just because she's gone beyond the standard slightly wary handshake.I suppose I'm expecting someone else, one of her characters perhaps - a sign that she's good at her job.

It was quite the opposite, she says, of working with Ben, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Then I noticed he was sticking a pin in his leg to stop himself laughing, which set me off.’The action for the first series of the BBC series began in 1875 and portrayed the lives and loves of the people who worked and shopped in what was the first English department store, owned by widower John Moray.

New life: In the last series, Katherine married former soldier Tom Weston (Ben Daniels), and the actress says viewers will this series get to explore their 'lovely, dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship' When Moray abandoned Katherine for Denise at the end of the last series, Lord Glendenning’s vengeance was swift on behalf of his jilted daughter.

He took ownership of the store and Moray fled to Paris. But I’ve tried hard not to make her a pantomime villain.

The film clip was recorded in reverse, Twin Peaks-style, so Chris Martin had to learn the song backwards – I know it backwards now, too. You can’t beat Irish sausages – they have very happy pigs in Ireland!

We were supposed to kiss in the original script, but Chris refused – he’d just got together with Gwyneth Paltrow.

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