Error updating spybot

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The install process did the tests, all of which passed but after downloading, the install failed repeatedly with error code 0x80070057. i have a legit copy im not trying to activate anything though this just appeared after i had a sleep turn on monitor and its there scanned for malware n AV , all clean If you have activation issues and you installed with a valid license or on a machine on which Win 10 had previously been installed or simply upgraded your existing Win 10 installation, you should be able to resolve that by calling MS in your region.I "think" that might be because without telemetry Microsoft may not know if this is a valid installation. I can't actually seem to find an answer anywhere looking it up, but when I run Spybot Antibeacon to block windows 10 telemetry stuff, do I need to leave the program up and running or can I close it once run?

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SPYBOT WONT UPDATE JUST SAYS ERROR RETREIVING UPDATE INFO. MC AFEE, SPYBOT, and REG MECH cant find the problem. We would appreciate it if you would honour our efforts with a moderate donation. The error message “Error retrieving update info file” usually appears when Spybot – Search & Destroy has accidently imported bad Internet Explorer proxy settings. We would appreciate it if you would honour our efforts with a moderate donation.If you cannot see the Settings section, start Spybot-S&D in advanced mode (see your Start menu group for Spybot-S&D).This information is also available in our How-To section (including a screenshot): Most people who do not have problem #1 do have Spybot-S&D accidently blocked in their firewall. If nothing else works, you can still use the manual updater, which is available on the website: the Detection Update.

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