Error validating active directory user

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When running the graphical user interface, the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer detects the presence of the Active Directory® directory service and provides a list of Exchange servers to scan (this is called the ).

The Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer then remotely connects to each server in the scope and collects information.

Study the error in the Run Time Log to verify that the correct FQDN is reported .If the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer reports that a server is unreachable, you should concentrate on understanding why remote registry calls are failing.First of all, after the Connectivity Test has been run, switch to the Run Time Log.The main check that the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer performs here is to see whether the /3GB switch has been set properly.If the Exchange administrator does not have permissions on Active Directory servers, a different set of credentials (specific to Active Directory access) can be specified before the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer scan starts.

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