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La 1, previously known as TVE1 was the first TV station in Spain.

It was founded in 1956 and it's based in the Capital of Spain, Madrid.

Canal Vasco is a general TV channel owned by Gruppo Ei TB. It is based in in Calvià, a municipality of the island of Majorca, near Palma.

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The main focus of this TV channel is Entertainment and Informative programming. The primary broadcast area is Basque Coutry, Navarre and The Pyrenees-Atlan. It shows informative and children's programming, films, series and documentaries.

Telemadrid is an autonomous public television station of Madrid, funded by the regional government of Madrid. Its headquarters is based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The channel was launched in 1999 and offers a general (regional related) programming.

Associations were calculated using multiple logistic regressions adjusting for gender, social class and age.

Spanish adults living with same-sex partners are at higher risk of active and passive smoking. Spanish national surveys should include items on sexual orientation for improved data on health disparities.

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