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This month’s article explores early genetic relationships in Siberia, to provide a fuller context for DNA results published for a 24,000 year old genome recovered from the Paleolithic Mal’ta culture near Lake Baikal.

In particular, both ancient and modern Siberians express genetic links with the Indian Subcontinent, Northeast Europe, Native Americans, and Oceanians.

Results also examine Mediterranean and West Asian genetic components in present day populations of Greece, Italy, and the Eastern Danube that might reflect traces of ancestral Neolithic Farmer populations.

This month’s article explores non-local genetic links in Southern India using autosomal STR and SNP data.

This month’s article explores the Early European Farmer (EEF) ancestry that links the Middle East and Europe, by examining non-local components shared by populations in both Southeastern Europe and West Asia.This highlights the recurring patterns of inter-regional contact, in which migrating communities have linked the many dispersed branches of the human family tree in both ancient periods and modern times.This month’s article examines the non-local genetic components of Middle Eastern populations based on autosomal SNP and STR data, including an Aegean-like genetic component found throughout the Middle East.This month’s article explores the complex interplay of these cultures in Southeastern Europe using autosomal STR data.Results include geographical analysis of Farmer and Pastoralist admixture throughout Europe.

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