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Finally, in the third, you're the on…Usually, it's safe to assume that dating someone who loves to spend time with you is pretty much always a good thing.That is, except for when they become a little too dependent and all of their eagerness starts to feel a bit too smothering.Max has a very hard time picking things that A) one of you hasn’t already seen and B) aren’t some bizarre indie flick from the early 2000’s. I like my couch, my TV, my food, my bathroom, my bed and my pillows. You run out of toilet paper and my feet stick to the floor.But you like your place for the same reason I like mine – it’s .

And if you're newly single while simultaneously dating in a new city, that's just another adj…The details of my date are quite inconsequential. A few weeks later, we went for drinks, chatted, laughed, danced.

Early on…I've heard my fair share of proposal stories.

Sure, the venues and the characters in the scenes vary from story to story but, for the most part, it always goes the same way.

Even if you do agree on a genre, chances are you won’t want to watch the same thing.

And don’t even bother using Max, Netflix’s new system to help you pick what to watch.

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